I am going to make everything around me beautiful, that will be my life


Married life and 3 young children now keeping me busy, my time became limited and it seemed the perfect opportunity to get creative and pursue a life-long ambition, to produce a Fabric & Wallpaper range.

I embarked on this adventure, 5 years ago, just before my 3rd was born. I set myself the challenge to see if; I could produce something I was creatively happy and produced in the UK, which was hugely important to me. I was spurred into action whilst renovating a property in the country and the project led me into a new direction of strong colour and large-scale prints. This was not my comfort zone! For forever upholstery pieces, I turned to my favourite fabric houses but beyond thIs I could not find what I was looking for: cool stylised florals in modern colours at an accessible price point. 

The challenge was set. I signed up for a Wallpaper Course in House & Gardens Magazine with Adam Calkin (who I later collaborated with on my first house collection) and the journey began. Over the past 5 years, I have learnt a lot; in substrate, in colour and printing techniques. I never expected the journey to be this extensive, but I am perfectionist and I had to deliver the best I could.  This endless strive; saw me through days and days of design & colour development, tours of mills and working with several UK print factories. The journey has been worth it and I have learnt a lot. 

I settled with one of the top 3 Linen producers in the world and traditional screen and rotary printing for this first house collection. This was driven solely by best representation of the design and depth of colour. This collection, offsets bold florals, small pretty prints against bold stripes and geometrics working with contemporary and current colourways.

With my interiors background the concept was simple, they could all work together within the same room scheme. You can now see my linens and wallpaper at my wonderful distributors: Tissus d’Helene, Chelsea Harbour, London, UK. I can’t wait to share this house collection with you and look forward to showing you many more in the future. Welcome to my world!


What inspires me?

I am inspired by beautiful aesthetics, elegant design, a walk-in nature, the mountains, Anish Kapoor’s sculptures, Mark Rothko’s art, the breath and unity of yoga, the mis-en-scene of a film, travel which touches my sense, landscapes that take my breath away, the grounding emotion of horses, captivating photography. A sunny day. A snowy day. Looking up to the sky. I am a very visual person, a tactile creative.

I love textures on my hands, I need to feel design, it needs to touch my soul. Initially I’ll be drawn in by the beauty of the nature I am surrounded in or the interior of a room or a building or a piece of art or an animal or a tree. I will see the finer aesthetic, the boldness, strength, confidence, and elegance within its own landscape, setting or habitat. But it must belong and hold its own in its environment. A sense of belonging makes it beautiful!